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Importing A Quadratic Mesh (GeometryFromMesh)

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ADSW121365 on 1 Jun 2020
Edited: ADSW121365 on 1 Jun 2020
I'm using the PDE Toolbox and the geometryFromMesh function to import meshes made externally (gmsh). The PDE Toolbox supports both linear and quadratic meshes of tetrahedra. What I'm struggling with is successfully importing an external quadratic mesh.
So I have a geometry defined inside gmsh and can produce meshes of both orders on said geometry. If I create a linear mesh and import it via geometry from mesh as:
model = createpde(1)
nodes = msh.POS'; elements = msh.TETS; groupsID = elements(:,5);
elements = elements(:,1:4); elements =elements';
The geometry is detected correctly. However for a quadratic mesh on the same geometry, I end up with holes & distorted elements:
model = createpde(1)
nodes = msh.POS'; elements = msh.TETS; groupsID = elements(:,11);
elements = msh.TETS10; elements = elements(:,1:10); elements =elements';
This seems to be constistently a problem regardless of how I mesh (higher/lower resolutions still have the same fundamental issue). Ideally I'd import the geometry for the linear mesh, then import the quadratic mesh however this isn't supported by the toolbox from what I can tell.
Does anyone have any ideas, solutions or suggestions?

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