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Could I modify the string position in the"TextScatter3" function ?

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I am using TextScatter3 function to descript my data points. But my add-on mesh block some of them. I need to define the position of the description. I haven't find any argument of TextScatter3 to modify the postiion of strings. Is there any method to achieve my goal?


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Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 4 Jun 2020
XData, YData, and ZData properties together control the positions.


wei zhang
wei zhang on 4 Jun 2020
Is this command change not only the position of the text, but also the scatter? I only want to change the text part.
Sugar Daddy
Sugar Daddy on 4 Jun 2020
if it is not resolving your problem use text and scatter3 seperately
wei zhang
wei zhang on 4 Jun 2020
The combination of text and scatter3 would be appreciated. Thank both of you. @Sugar @Walter

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