Removing data1 from 3D Plot and change the color of colorbar

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I have x, y, z which I wanted to create a fitting surface plot by using interpolation as below. Now, I want to remove the data1 from the plot which I think it is the original data. So, the plot looks cleaner. In addition, I would like to show the variation of the colors from 0 to max, while any negative number by a smaller range. If the small range does not work, I want all the negative z to be one color. I also attached the plot and the data. Anyway to help please.
xx = data(:,1);
yy = data(:,2);
zz = data(:,3)
f = fit([xx, yy],zz,'cubicinterp');
plot( f, [xx, yy], zz )
zlabel('m^{*}_{NPV} ($B)')
yticks([0 , 2, 4, 6, 8, 10])
colormap jet

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