Free Fortran compiler for Mex on 64 bit Windows

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Robin on 29 Nov 2012
I was wondering if anyone knows a way to get a free Fortran compiler to work compiling 64 bit mex files on Windows.
I have no trouble with Intel Fortran. When I last tried I could get gfortran working with 32 bit Matlab (with GNUMEX) but couldn't get anywhere with 64 bit.
If anyone else has got this working or heard of it working I would try again... or any other suggestions...
Robin on 29 Nov 2012
Thanks - I know that. But I have had much success with 'non-supported' combinations in practise - eg Intel on Mac and Linux, gfortran and gcc on windows (just not 64 bit). So my question is whether any one else has had success or found a solution.

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