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How to make a matrix from the cells inside the cell?

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Hi! I have a cell variable, the size is 4 by 3. The third column of the variable contains cells again. I want to extract the numbers that I have inside every cell of the third column and make a usual double variable. How can I do this?
Example: A = 4x3 cell.
1 1 1x1 cell
1 2 2x1 cell
1 3 5x1 cell
1 4 3x1 cell.
Every cell of the third column has cells with only one number inside. I want to get these numbers out. So in the end I want to have a matrix of 1+2+5+3 rows from the A cell. Is it possible to do it?
Thanks you!

Accepted Answer

madhan ravi
madhan ravi on 22 Jun 2020
Edited: madhan ravi on 22 Jun 2020
Z = A(:,3);
Wanted = cell2mat(cat(1, Z{:}))

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