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Work with data just in selected paths

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Nik Rocky
Nik Rocky on 24 Jun 2020
Commented: Nik Rocky on 24 Jun 2020
Hello together,
I have special folder with data (ex.):
FilePath1 = '/home/user/workspace/QT/Software_2.0_QT/IO/Motor_Set_1/AKG_C1000S/Distance_0.5m/Scenario_M1/001_m1_60_const_20200611_200515'
FilePath2 = '/home/user/workspace/QT/Software_2.0_QT/IO/Motor_Set_1/AKG_C1000S/Distance_0.5m/Scenario_M1/002_m2_60_const_20200811_200411'
inside are different .mat files.
I want calculate data with just this two paths.
are not working. And if my current MATLAB folder
MATLAB starting to work with all foler inside:
001, 002,003,...030.
And i want just 001 and 002
How can I choose and lock my working folder?
Thank you!


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Aditya Verma
Aditya Verma on 24 Jun 2020
Could you check in the lists of all search paths if you have accidently added those subfolders? You can check it using the 'Set path' dialogue box. Find it in the Home tab, in the Environment section.
Using the same dialogue box you can add or remove the folders you want.


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Aditya Verma
Aditya Verma on 24 Jun 2020
Okay, so the way it works is that it checks all the paths for the file specified in load command. If the file is not found, then only it gives an error, which is expected behaviour. Here, in this case it also gives a suggestion along with that error.
Aditya Verma
Aditya Verma on 24 Jun 2020
I still don't understand what you want to acheive. Do you want to suppress the error?
Nik Rocky
Nik Rocky on 24 Jun 2020
I want to compare mat.file from subfolder 001 with mat.file from subfolder 003.
All subfolders are in one same folder.
I would prefer to write in a code:
load data x from folder 001
load data y from folder 003
compare x and y

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