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how to get coordinates of a marker

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Habtamu Tesfaw
Habtamu Tesfaw on 25 Jun 2020
Commented: Habtamu Tesfaw on 25 Jun 2020
How can I get the x and y coordinates of the points on the circle. the center of the circle is at (346,278). I ploted the circle using the following command.
Thank you for your help
Habtamu Tesfaw
Habtamu Tesfaw on 25 Jun 2020
this one is the ceneter of the circle. I want the coordinate values on the circle. The circle is not ploted using inhand data. the circle can be ploted using 'marker size' command of matlab, given its center.

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Accepted Answer

KSSV on 25 Jun 2020
You can plot your required circle given center and radius using the below method.
C = [346 278] ; % Center of the circle
R = 0.5 ; % Radius
th = linspace(0,2*pi) ;
x = C(1)+R*cos(th) ;
y = C(2)+R*sin(th) ;

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