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prrrrr on 27 Jun 2020
Edited: Maadhav Akula on 30 Jun 2020
hello, I have been struggling with inventor and my laptop for several years now. Now I want a PC. Is it possible that you can give me some tips for this?
I have read professional Quadro graphics cards from Nvidia or AMD Pro cards are optimal. But I did not want to spend so much.
Again, it should already be an Nvidia graphics card because Matlab probably works well with the CUDA. And an Intel CPU because of the Mkl.
I read that the AMD Ryzen are limited there.
But I also got this Information:
"While the 10600k has a higher boost clock speed, that doesn't mean it will have better single threaded performance than the 3700X. The reason is Zen 2 based CPUs have about 10% higher IPC than Sky Lake derived Core CPUs, that means that on average a Core CPU will need to clock 10% higher to equal the performance of the Zen 2 CPU. Is that a hard & fast truth, no, but on average it works out that way. Overall the Single Threaded performance between the 3700X & 10600k will be a wash, but if something is multi-core the 3700X will generally be faster."
i have a first compilation. Still without Nvidia graphics card, because I haven't found a suitable one.
Maybe you can help me there. And to give some hints to the single parts, it is my first selfmade PC.

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Maadhav Akula
Maadhav Akula on 30 Jun 2020
Edited: Maadhav Akula on 30 Jun 2020
As you were mentioning regarding GPU's I think the following pages might help:
You can find the System Rquirements for the latest release at the following page:
Hope this helps!




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