Join multiple tables using Outerjoin in MATLAB

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I have 300 tables that I have stored over a loop, now I want to join them outside the loop.
I have the following:
T{1} = mytable_1;
T{2} = mytable_2;
T{3} = mytable_3;
T{300} = mytable_300;
I want to merge these tables:
T_bigtable = outerjoin(xxxx,'Mergekeys',true)

Accepted Answer

Kawin Kumaran
Kawin Kumaran on 29 Jun 2020
Outerjoin can be nested in a for loop .Please follow the example code :
T_bigtable = T{1};
for k = 2:300
T_bigtable = outerjoin(T_bigtable, T{k});
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Nikita Agrawal
Nikita Agrawal on 29 Jun 2020
I am still looking for an alternative to avoid loop though.

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