How to create an underline in text

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Mepe on 28 Jun 2020
Commented: madhan ravi on 4 Jul 2020
Given ist following legend:
legend('Group 6 MHz \newline{\bff_1} \newline2f_2-f_3 \newlinef_2+f_3-f_4 ', ...
'\newlineGroup7.3 MHz \newline{\bff_2} \newline2f_3-f_4 \newlinef_1+f_3-f_2 \newlinef_1+f_4-f_3 ', ...
'\newlineGroup8.7 MHz \newline{\bff_3} \newline2f_2-f_1 \newlinef_2+f_4-f_3 \newlinef_1+f_4-f_2 ', ...
'\newlineGroup10 MHz \newline{\bff_4} \newline2f_3-f_2 \newlinef_2+f_3-f_1 ','location','northeastoutside')
A total of four graphs with corresponding sub-labels are to be shown here. I want the first line (Group 6 MHz, Group7.3 MHz ...) to be underlined. Does somebody has any idea?
Many thanks!

Accepted Answer

madhan ravi
madhan ravi on 28 Jun 2020
legend(' $\underline{Mepe}$ ','interpreter','latex')
madhan ravi
madhan ravi on 29 Jun 2020
Very true perspective.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 4 Jul 2020
shows the latex code example
\left [\begin {array}{ccc} 1&2&3\\\noalign{\medskip}4&5&6\\\noalign{\medskip}7&8&9\end {array}\right ]
and that works in MATLAB:
h = legend('$\left [\begin {array}{ccc} 1&2&3\\\noalign{\medskip}4&5&6\\\noalign{\medskip}7&8&9\end {array}\right ]$', 'interpreter','latex')
S = { '$\begin{array}{l}\underline{Group 6 MHz}\\{\medskip}\bf{f_1}\\{\medskip}2f_2-f_3\\{\medskip}f_2+f_3-f_4\end {array}$', ...
'$\begin{array}{l}\underline{Group7.3 MHz}\\{\medskip}\bf{f_2}{\medskip}2f_3-f_4\\{\medskip}f_1+f_3-f_2\\{\medskip}f_1+f_4-f_3\end {array}$', ...
'$\begin{array}{l}\underline{Group8.7 MHz}\\{\medskip}\bf{f_3}\\{\medskip}2f_2-f_1\\{\medskip}f_2+f_4-f_3\\{\medskip}f_1+f_4-f_2\end {array}$', ...
'$\begin{array}{l}\underline{Group10 MHz}\\{\medskip}\bf{f_4}\\{\medskip}2f_3-f_2\\{\medskip}f_2+f_3-f_1\end {array}$' };
legend(S, 'location', 'northeastoutside', 'interpreter', 'latex')
You will want to work on the vertical spacing a bit.

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