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DavidL88 on 2 Jul 2020
Commented: DavidL88 on 2 Jul 2020
I have some data in a 3x1 struct with 2 fields. The data is stored in this fashion [0.1000,0.2500]. When I retrieve the dat using this code Times_period = S_times(1).Times I get ans = 0.1000 0.2500. I want to retieve exactly this [0.1000,0.2500] (ie with square brackets included). Can anyone advsie how I do this?
I tried Times_period = {"[",S_times(1).Times,"]"}. But I get this = 1×3 cell array {["["]} {1×2 double} {["]"]}
Tried other variations but no success.

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang on 2 Jul 2020
DavidL88 on 2 Jul 2020
That makes sense. Thank you!

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 2 Jul 2020
You can use sprintf() to create a string with any appearance you want.
Or fprintf() to display it with any appearance you want.


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