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outputting the left side of pairs in array

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Mohamed Jamal
Mohamed Jamal on 19 Jul 2020
Answered: madhan ravi on 19 Jul 2020
Hi guys, I have an array for instance y=[1 2 3 4 5 6]
I want to output the values that its indexes are the middle of the left side and right of every pair with increasing index (I mean at index=1 and index=3 then the middle between is at index=2 , then I look at index=3 etc ..), this mean I look at 1 3 and the value 2 is the middle between those two pair, then I look on the other pair 3 5 and I print the value 4 ..etc
so my output in my case is an array that have the values that are the middle of every pair , in my case output=[2 4 5]
so how could I implement that in matlab? thanks alot for your help!
KSSV on 19 Jul 2020
Write your expected output.....[2 4 5]?
jonas on 19 Jul 2020
perhaps you want to exclude the two edge values?

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Answers (1)

madhan ravi
madhan ravi on 19 Jul 2020

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