evaluating binary substring to decimal value

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Hi guys, Im implementing a function that gets in its input binary substring of 8bit like this '00000001' and outputs the unsigned integer value of the given input. (output is a variable total, in my example above the retunred value is 1 because 2^0 in binary is '00000001')
I've done in matlab a function like this but it doesn't work well and I get a compilation error and I dont know why:
function unsigned int total=EvaluateBinary(substring)
char retChar = '\0';
uint8_t total = 0; %this varibal is unsigned integer of 8bit
int counter = 1;
for int i=byteSize:i>0:--i
if (substring(i-1) == '1') total += counter;
if (substring(i-1) ~= ' ') counter *= 2;
return total;
Mohamed Jamal
Mohamed Jamal on 9 Aug 2020
Edited: Mohamed Jamal on 9 Aug 2020
Yes, I just came up from other language of programming (mastering them) and you could say Im newbie in matlab and trying my best.
Appreciated very much

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 9 Aug 2020
That code, which is part C and part MATLAB, would be this in MATLAB:
function total=EvaluateBinary(substring)
byteSize = 8;
retChar = '\0';
total = uint8(0); % This variable is unsigned integer of 8 bit
counter = 1;
for k = byteSize : -1 : 0
if substring(k-1) == '1'
total = total + counter;
if substring(k-1) ~= ' '
counter = counter * 2;
I'm attaching your original question so when you delete it again (like you did with your other question), it will still be available.

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