How to process and rewrite multiple wav file into different folder?

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I have a folder with multiple song. After I processed these .wav, I also want to rewrite and put it into different folder. How to do this?
However, this .wav has been already processed from multiple function (wavToPreprocWav.m, wavToElectrode, and electrodeToWav)
[y, fs] = audioReadNCU();
[y, fs] = wavToPreprocWav(y, fs);
band = wavToElectrode(y, fs);
y = electrodeToWav(band, fs);
audiowrite('/Users/epriwahyupratiwi/Downloads/GUI/tut1/song test/new.wav',y,fs);
Antonio Aguirre
Antonio Aguirre on 13 Aug 2020
What is wrong with your approach already, are you getting any errors? You are using audiowrite with the minimum set of required inputs.
Epri Pratiwi
Epri Pratiwi on 13 Aug 2020
I don't know how write the code to process all the file in the folder.

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Accepted Answer

Kiran Felix Robert
Kiran Felix Robert on 14 Aug 2020
Hi Epri,
It is my understanding that you are trying to read multiple files one by one,process it and save the processed file to a different location. This can be done as shown in the following example (assuming all the files in the read folder are audio files). Refer to the dir documentation for more details.
FileList = dir('*.*');
for i = 1:length(FileList)
file = FileList(i).name;
% perform all necesary functions
% [y,fs] = audioread(file);
% [y, fs] = wavToPreprocWav(y, fs);
%band = wavToElectrode(y, fs);
%y = electrodeToWav(band, fs);
write_filename = "new_" +num2str(i)+".wav";
%write_directory is the path to the directoy where
%the processed file needs to be saved
Hope this Helps.
Kiran Felix Robert

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