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Access SchedulerInput from gnbmacscheduler.m to main program.m by writing wrapper function

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Hii, I need help how to access elements of schedulerinput function in gnbmacscheduler.m in my main routine. Using some wrapper function please provide me what is meant by wrapper function.


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Deepthi Chander
Deepthi Chander on 27 Aug 2020
Edited: Deepthi Chander on 27 Aug 2020
I understand that you would like to access the input to the scheduler implementation from the main script of the 5G FDD/TDD scheduling examples ( . I assume that you would want this in order to be able to implement your own custom scheduler. At present you can access schedulerInput from the helper functions of the illustrated scheduling strategies: (hNRSchedulingStrategyPF or hNRSchedulingStrategyRR or hNRSchedulingStrategyBestCQI). The explanations in the examples also describe how to customize the example to support the case of using a custom scheduler. Details are provided in the ‘Further Exploration’ section of the examples.

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