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method accessing it's own object

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it seems that a method inside a class definition cannot access it's own object, or at least it doesn't recognize it's own object. the only way i found around it was to put "obj" as one of the input parameter of the method, but this results in rather confusing lines like "Myobject.Mymethod(Myobject)". am I missing something?
many thanks

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Mohammad Sami
Mohammad Sami on 3 Sep 2020
Can you show your full code.

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 3 Sep 2020
If A is an instance of a class that has a method foo that accepts a class instance and a double scalar in that order, the following calling sequences are equivalent in the majority of cases.
foo(A, 5)
See the "Dot Notation vs. Function Notation" and "Case Where Result Is Different" sections on this documentation page for more information about most of the (usually less common) cases where they are not equivalent.

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nathan blanc
nathan blanc on 3 Sep 2020
excellent, thank you for you answer

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