alternative to groupcounts function

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Rub Ron
Rub Ron on 8 Sep 2020
Answered: Rub Ron on 10 Sep 2020
I have made a script which I used groupcounts() function.
The pc where the script is running is previous to 2019. So that function is not recognized. I have tried to copy the function in the path but I get this error
{Undefined variable "matlab" or class "matlab.internal.math.parseGroupVars".
Error in groupcounts (line 105)
[groupingData,groupVars] =
is there other function that provide the same outputs but work in previous versions than 2019?

Accepted Answer

Rub Ron
Rub Ron on 10 Sep 2020
I found this way. I hope someone can provide nicer way.
[xx,yy] = groupcounts(temp);
[xx0,yy] = findgroups(temp);
[xx,~] = histc(xx0,unique(xx0));

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madhan ravi
madhan ravi on 8 Sep 2020
doc groupsummary
doc splitapply
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Rub Ron
Rub Ron on 9 Sep 2020
I am using this from, with temp is a cell array of strings. I need both oputputs. The functions you mentioned dont workfor my case
[xx,yy] = groupcounts(temp);

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