create a function while protecting it's code

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i am working towards publishing my code. while most of it i hope to publish as an open source code, there is one function that i would like to leave protected and encrypted. i understood that there are three options:
a. publishing a p-code- I understand this option is insecure and not reccomended
b. password protecting my file- could that really work? wouldn't that be easy to by-pass by a skilled matlab person is there a secure function that does that?
c. compile creating a stand-alone file. my problem with this is that (i think) such a stand-alone file would be difficult to implement as part of a general, open-source matlab code. would it be possible? is it possible to create an executable file that communicates well with matlab? would be thankfull for any examples or references
many thanks

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Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza on 16 Sep 2020
I think you can try to create a mex function using MATLAB coder. It compiles your MATLAB code using C or C++ compiler and converts it into a binary file. However, you can directly run it insider MATLAB like a normal function. The MATLAB source code is not accessible through mex file.

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