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Plotting values results in an empty plot

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Yash Runwal
Yash Runwal on 24 Sep 2020
Edited: Yash Runwal on 24 Sep 2020
So I have a function which returns the x and y coordinates like following:
ans =
0 0
0.0333 -0.0000
0.2333 -0.0000
0.6329 -0.0005
1.2312 -0.0021
2.0279 -0.0054
3.0246 -0.0087
4.2158 -0.0096
5.5612 -0.0071
7.0035 -0.0030
8.4943 0.0001
10.0031 0.0012
So I tried plotting plot(ans(1), ans(2)) but it outputs an empty plot.
My first thought was that because the ans(2) values are close to 0 the plot is empty and therefore I tried to change the ylim but couldn't get it to work.
Any ideas as to what can be done?
Thank You.


VBBV on 24 Sep 2020
%if true
% code
% end
Try the above it works without problem

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Accepted Answer

Alan Stevens
Alan Stevens on 24 Sep 2020
You were just plotting the first value against the second, not one column against the other.

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Yash Runwal
Yash Runwal on 24 Sep 2020
I cannot believe I didn't notice that. Wow, I think I need a coffee. But thanks!!

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