Save Structure to .mat-file in dialog via GUI

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Hi everyone,
I have a GUI made in app designer in which I create a large structure with a lot of data. I now want to export/save the structure by klicking a button. This button should open a dialog in which the user is able to create a new file or to overwrite an existing file.
struct = uisetfile;
are not working.
uisave() doesn't work with a structure and uisetfile requires an already existing file to write to. Is there a way to simply take that structure and write it in a .mat-file? It's not necessary to save as .mat but I think to afterwards load the data it would be the easiest way to save as .mat?!

Accepted Answer

Stephen23 on 8 Oct 2020
S = .. your big structure
[F,P] = uiputfile('*.mat');
save(fullfile(P,F),'-struct','S') % if S is scalar
save(fullfile(P,F),'S') % if S is non-scalar
Don't forget when loading it is strongly recommended to load into an output variable:
S = load(..)
Dominik Müller
Dominik Müller on 8 Oct 2020
Thanks a lot! Now it works perfectly!!!!!

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