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How to calculate random Correlation Pairs

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Iugo on 13 Oct 2020
Commented: Iugo on 14 Oct 2020
Hello everyone!
I'm working with resting-state fMRI data and I want to calculate the correlation, with corrcoef, between each pair of voxels one by one, using 2 input arguments (R = corrcoef(A,B)). My question is this: I know how to compare a specific voxel with the rest but I'm struggling in how to compare the correlation between random (or all the combinations possible) voxels.
Can somebody give me a hand on this?
Thanks in advance,

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Jeff Miller
Jeff Miller on 13 Oct 2020
Make a matrix A with one column for each voxel, and then use
cormatrix = corrcoef(A)
The output will be the correlations for all pairs of voxels.
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Iugo on 14 Oct 2020
Thanks for the ideia!
But I really wanted to calculate the correlation with corrcoef between 2 input arguments (vectors and the time series).

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