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standart slicing not working on my vector

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fima v
fima v on 2 Nov 2020
Commented: fima v on 2 Nov 2020
Hello i Have the following code:
y = reshape(var_hex.', 1, [])
which gives me size 1 12
when i try to do y(1:8) it gives me an Index exceeds matrix dimensions.
Why its not slicing such array?


Stephen Cobeldick
Stephen Cobeldick on 2 Nov 2020
val = [1,23,0,99,255,5];
y = reshape(var_hex.', 1, [])
y = '01170063FF05'
ans = 1×2
1 12
ans = '01170063'
fima v
fima v on 2 Nov 2020
is there some other method? y(1,8) says it exceeds.
Its a callback function i cant see the variable as variable.

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