Build error: C compiler produced errors. See the Build Log for further details.

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Hi folks,
I'm currently trying to export a mex-file with Matlab Coder. If I check my code for issues everything is okay. But if I try to generate the mex-file the following error occurs:
The build log gives the following message:
error: unknown type name 'struct0_T'
I don't know why and have no solution on this.
The build log also writes the following:
FAILED: build/win64/simcycle_ext_terminate.o
There are lots of errors like this. It seems there is a problem generating these .o-files?
Maybe someone got an idea on solving this?
Dominik Müller
Dominik Müller on 11 Nov 2020
I have an idea what causes the issue: I tried to use a handle object as input for my function and this is not supported.

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Answers (1)

Sukrut Tamhankar
Sukrut Tamhankar on 19 Nov 2020
The error "unknown type name" occurs sometimes in the compilation for some of the structures or enumerations. If these are properly defined and used but not appearing in the code, it results in this error message while compiling.
A possible workaround in this case would be to collect the names of all the structures/enums that are erroring out as unknown type name/missing and define them in a header file, in the same way as we would expect them to appear in "Rte_Type.h" and then include this file in the "Code Generation >> Custom Code" section in the Model Configuration Parameters, something like this:
# endif


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