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Combine two vectors a make a Matrix

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I have two 1158 x 1 vectors. First one is 'rown' and second one 'coln'. I want to create a 'new' matrix using both vectors. Coln matrix shares the column numbers of the new matrix. The new matrix must of size 10 x 256 such that the it has the same values as found in rown matrix. For example:
if coln(1,1)=1;
and rown(1,1)=118;
then, new_mat(1,1)=118.
Some values are missing in between that can be filled by 1s. Both vectors are attached above.
If you don't understand what I want, please check the image file.

Accepted Answer

Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza on 30 Nov 2020
Try this
C = accumarray(coln, rown, [], @(x) {[x; ones(10-numel(x),1)]}, {ones(10,1)});
M = [C{:}];

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