Find group number from a range of data that is not fixed

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Zarak kh
Zarak kh on 4 Dec 2020
Commented: Zarak kh on 8 Dec 2020
I need to solve a problem like below. I have a matrix with 1 column, with unknown number of rows. I have a random number for number of row, and I need to find out that which group is this row in.
Imagine I have this data and I need to found out that row number=10 is in which group ?
My main concern is since I do not know how many groups do I have (inittially unkown) , how should I modify my code?
if number_row<8
disp("group 1")
disp ("group 2")
Thanks in advance for help

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Accepted Answer

Jon on 4 Dec 2020
Are your groups always as you show in your example? That is, group 1 = 1,2,..8 group 2 = 9, 10,..16, group 3 = 17,18, ...24 ?
In this case you can just use
n = 8; % number of elements in group
maxVal = 290 % put your value here
x = randperm(maxVal,1)
groupNo = floor(x/n) + 1

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