Really slow to open variables

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Neil Sheridan
Neil Sheridan on 11 Dec 2020
Answered: Gouri Chennuru on 15 Dec 2020
Hi, Checking at the value of variables using ctrl-D has become extremely slow e.g. up to half a minute. Running of the programme is still OK but debugging has become almost impossible. I've been running the same programme (which is long and complicated) for years without this experience. The following may have something to do with it:
  • Just upgraded from 2018a to 2020b
  • New laptop
  • Now working remotely
I'm thinking something to do with network or the path on the new implementation. Any suggestions would be gratefully received.
Thanks, Neil
Sindar on 15 Dec 2020
If you are now dealing with data on a remote machine, it may require Matlab to download the variable to your computer each time. If possible, I'd suggest downloading (some) data to your computer for debugging purposes. It may also be faster to output the variable directly instead of using the variable browser
Neil Sheridan
Neil Sheridan on 15 Dec 2020
Hi Sindar, thanks for the reply. The code modules and data sources need to be downloaded via the internet and I understand that this will slow things down a bit but I don't think the variables are meant to be on a remote machine - If I go onto Task Manager I can see RAM filling up as my code runs.

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Answers (2)

Hiro Yoshino
Hiro Yoshino on 15 Dec 2020
R2020b has some updates. The most recent one was updates 3.
You should update your MATLAB then see if it mitigates the problem.
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Neil Sheridan
Neil Sheridan on 15 Dec 2020
Hi Hiro, thanks for the suggestion but I went over to the add-on manager:"MATLAB R2020b is up to date."

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Gouri Chennuru
Gouri Chennuru on 15 Dec 2020
Hi Neil,
As per my understanding, It looks like caches are too big and have to be cleared.
As a workaround, You can perform the following
1) You can open command prompt and execute the following command
rehash toolboxcache
2) You can also try the "brute force" way, execute the command in MATLAB command prompt
And clear everything inside.
As an alternative, the clean way is to rename the opened directory, by appending a _old for instance
Then restart MATLAB.
Refer to this Link for more information
Hope this Helps!


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