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Stand alone excutables runs ok in the directory it was mcced but not in another directory

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Hi All,
I am trying to build an standalone exe from a very simple function. I had problems with the paths before so I included the called functions in the main function. Then mcc -mv myfunction.m. the myfunction.exe runs fine when in the same directory it was created. However, it does not work properly when copied to and run from another dirfectory of the same computer. It seems that it fails to call the function (included in myfunction.m) which returns a structure. So when the trying to reference to the field of the returned structire it gives an error and quits. It does not make much sense - sucha simple task. I wonder what is wrong. By the way I am using R2012b.
Any suggestions?
Thanks and cheers, Tianyou

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 2 Apr 2013
How are you referencing the called function? If you name it in a string only, then use
to force it to be included
For example, if you had
eval('loadit myfile')
then add
%#function loadit
to your routine.
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Tianyou Chen
Tianyou Chen on 2 Apr 2013
Hi Walter,
Thank you for the help. I called the function directly. The main function is like this
function myfun
% call fun1 to get a structure S
S = fun1(x,y);
b =
% the definition of the fun1
funcion s= fun1(arg1,arg2) = 'test';
ao all the functions I use is included in the main function.
Thanks and cheers, Tianyou

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