prediction using unsupervised machine learning

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hello i want to use matlab for prediction using unsupervised machine learning. can anyone suggest me a model or a method. i have the 11 variables and from these variables i have to predict 3 quantites.
i have data on the transmission lines like, wind speed, temperature, humidity,air pressure, rainfall, and i want to use this data to predict the movement(galloping) in tranmission lines. the variables that i have to predict are dancing amplitude, dancing frequency (vertical and horizontal). please suggest me a model or method that will be useful for performing this task.
Aryan Sarmadi
Aryan Sarmadi on 1 Oct 2022
You can unsupervised predictive models such as autoencoders that take the inputs and predict them at the output layers. Moreover, you can use restricted Boltzmann machines and deep belief networks for some prediction problems.

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