How to remove unwanted areas from binary image ?

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I want to remove unwanted portion from the binary image to get a clear hand image .

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 2 Jan 2021
Rather than cleaning up a horrible segmented image, you're best off trying to improve the segmentation process. How did you do that lousy job? Was it though color segmentation? Thresholding? Background subtraction? What was it???

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Ritankar Sahu
Ritankar Sahu on 2 Jan 2021
Hi Zara,
You can try to apply 'bwmorph' function to remove the distant areas. 'dilate', 'bridge', 'clean' these options may be helpful!! If you be unsuccessful, write me back, I will try to find other options.
Have a nice day!
Ritankar Sahu
Ritankar Sahu on 5 Jan 2021
Please check the image and tell me which looks better for you to go for binarization. Which one you want? The hand or the dude?
Good Luck!!

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