output for for loop is not showing

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Abhijit Sardar
Abhijit Sardar on 3 Jan 2021
this is my code for finding the value of the data has 90000 rows but i am only getting ine answer please help
m = load('c12.5_17day_1a.TXT');
hits = cumsum (m(:,1));
new = [m hits];
sig = [m(:,18)]';
N = (new(:,20))';
p= length(N);
j= [repmat(1,1,50) repmat(50,1,p)];
for i = 1:p
if hits(i)<=50
elseif 50<=hits(i)<=200
k = hits(i) - 30;
elseif 201<= hits(i)<=500
k = 0.85 * hits(i);
elseif hits(i) >= 500
k = hits - 75;

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Marcin Kaliszewski
Marcin Kaliszewski on 3 Jan 2021
Can you append the file you load in a script?
Marcin Kaliszewski

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