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Copy and re-arrange data from one column into another

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I have a table with a column of data all like this - Extract clusters: FCL (2 files) | CG_MLD_11
I'd like to copy a part of this data into another column but in this structure - CG_MLD_11_FCL
Also in another table I have data in a column like this - Perm t-test equal [100ms,250ms 100, 101]: Avg: 11_right | bl | _HLG_MLD (20) vs. Avg: 11_right | bl | _CG (15) | FCL
I similarly would like to copy some of this data into another column in the same format as above - CG_MLD_11_FCL
The content varies but the structure is the same e.g. CG might be MOD, or FCL might be CPL, or 11 might be 21, etc. but all in the same format as above.
Can anyone advise how I do this?
DavidL88 on 31 Jan 2021
I worked it out using a combination of insert (/) and split functions. Not the most elegant solution but appropriate for a convoluted mess :)
J. Alex Lee
J. Alex Lee on 1 Feb 2021
dpb, I don't know if this is what you had in mind but:
TSplit = array2table(strtrim(split(Tsample.Var1,'|')))
parts = cellfun(@(s)split(s,"_"),TSplit.Var2,'UniformOutput',false)
gives the broken up pieces in a cell array of cell arrays.
I would think for purposes of this problem that's still not helpful because not only is the demarcator symbol "_", but also some of the experiment identifiers contain the same character within them, e.g., CH_MLD. I guess if it is important to actually split the string into the parts, you'd have to use a matching strategy as you identified, and I guess regexp could work although as you mentioned it would be pretty challenging to do it in one go.

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Accepted Answer

J. Alex Lee
J. Alex Lee on 1 Feb 2021
Is this what you are looking for?
a = ["CG", "CG_LOW", "CG_HGH", "MLD", "MLD_LOW", "MLD_HGH", "MOD", "MOD_LOW", "MOD_HGH"];
b = ["11", "12", "21", "22"];
c = ["FCL", "FCR", "CPL", "CPR", "POL", "POR"];
TSplit = array2table(strtrim(split(Tsample.Var1,'|')))
for i = 1:height(TSplit)
matches = regexp(TSplit.Var1{i},cellstr(c),"match");
TSplit.Var3(i) = matches{~cellfun('isempty',matches)};
TSplit.Var4 = string(TSplit.Var2)+"_"+string(TSplit.Var3)
J. Alex Lee
J. Alex Lee on 1 Feb 2021
Ok, glad that was it. But the more general problem if things to the right of "|" had not already been in order is circumvented here, which only extracts one of the substrings specified in "c" from the left side of "|" and joins it to the right side with "_".

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