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Matlab compiler error during packaging - "no error"

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Good day, fine community!
I am experiencing a problem which has me kind of puzzled. I have created a GUI that I have succesfully packaged previously. After making some minor changes in the script requested by the end user of the GUI, I now want to package the updates, and when I run the compiler and open the project and hit package, I get an error message. In the log file, the only error I get is this:
"Error: Unable to open file "AAAAAA\Project Folder\MATLAB\MyProgram\for_testing\MyProgram.exe": No error."
Due to company policies I cant show you the full path names, but there are no weird characters or anything, and like I said I have compiled the app before without error. Furthermore, if I undo the small changes I made and try to package the 'original file', I get the same error again. How do I figure this out, when all I have to work with is "Error: no error"? Clearly, something has changed from the original packaging (which is only a week ago!) and now.
Compiler version: 8.1 (R2020b)

Accepted Answer

Suryaansh Mata
Suryaansh Mata on 18 Feb 2021
The error "Error: Unable to open file "AAAAAA\Project Folder\MATLAB\MyProgram\for_testing\MyProgram.exe": No error." seems to suggest that MATLAB compiler may not be able to access the file 'MyProgram.exe'. To resolve the issue, please try the following:
1. Please verify whether the file is located in a directory that requires administrative privileges and whether the user has access to the directory 'for_testing'.
2. Please check if any anti-virus software may be active. The anti-virus software may block MATLAB Compiler from accessing the file. Try temporarily disabling the software before attempting to compile the standalone again.
3. You can also try moving the file to a different directory where you know the user has access and try compiling again to see if you encounter the same issue.
If the suggestions above are not able to resolve your issue, please try re-compiling the code using a compile operation through the command prompt with the verbose flag: '-v'.
DISCLAIMER: These are my own views and in no way depict those of MathWorks.
Jakob B. Nielsen
Jakob B. Nielsen on 18 Feb 2021
I never thought to try another directory since it worked just fine a week ago. My organisation must have changed 'something', because moving to my C-drive did the trick. Thank you for the suggestion.
Nicolas Pipard
Nicolas Pipard on 6 Oct 2021
The solution of changing where I save my project (and therefore where it produces the compiled program) worked also for me. This is definitly one of the first thing to try when you get a compiling error.
My error was happening during packaging and was of the style "matlab error during packaging mwboost::filesystem ..."

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Tony L.
Tony L. on 23 Jan 2022
I'm using Application Compiler App in 2021b and deleting everything in the Log Folder fixed this issue, for now.
Porna on 15 Nov 2023
Edited: Porna on 15 Nov 2023
where is located the log folder?? I'm a bit lost
Porna on 15 Nov 2023
After changing the location of my main matlab file, I'm now able to create packages but when I click on a button on my Matlab interface, It makes a sound and nothing else happen.

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