Best way to document model design - Is it possible to incorporate everything in one model?

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I'm looking at the best ways to document the design and description of a model through Simulink tools/apps. It seems like while there are many methods there is not one method that incorporates everything. How to incorporate canvas annotations, docblocks, Simulink notes etc within the Simulink report generated by Simulink Report Generator. I want to be able to report everthing in one document that will update automatically when I update the model. Is this possible?

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Aghamarsh Varanasi
Aghamarsh Varanasi on 8 Mar 2021
Hi Joshua,
The System Design Description is a standard report that can be generated with Simulink Report Generator. This includes all the system design details along with annotations, docblocks etc. System Design Description report can be created from the Design Section of the Modelling Tab of Simulink Toolstrip. More information about System Design Description Report can be found here.
The content of the System Design Description report can be customized. For more information about customizing System Design Description reports refer to this article.
The function genssd can be used to generate the System Design Description report from the MATALB command Line. This function can be used in Simulink Callbacks to automate the report generation.

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