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How to automate the following set of commands?

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Hey all! I'm fairly new to MATLAB and I'm working on a small project where I have to convert a database of images into a downsampled dataset of fixed resolution and other image properties. So for the following purpose, I am currently using the following commands in sequence for one image.
rec ='filename');
img = freeviewing.analysis.getImg(rec,56.9781,32.0502,screen);
imwrite(img, 'example.png')
So before setting up the commands, I'm calling a image wrapper set up previously, which loads the downloaded image with the appropriate parameters through this command
>> db = imgdb.geisler('Directorypath');
Is there a way to automate the first three commands for every image file and save it as separate files? An example code which I can use would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 15 Mar 2021
Sure. Just write a function. This link will probably show you how to do that:
maybe something like
function img = MyCustomFunction(db, fullFileName)
rec ='filename');
img = freeviewing.analysis.getImg(rec,56.9781,32.0502,screen);
imwrite(img, fullFileName); % Save it to disk with the specified file name.

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