Shifting vectors with the same matrix using 'for' loop

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Dear members
I have a matrix of dimensions 10*20
And I have a vector of 50 bits
I have the main program that I use for my need. But I want use this program for each 20 part of this vector.
I want use 'for' loop firstly to use the red part of the matrix with 20 first bits of V , than to repeat the use of the other parts of matrix
So it's a gender of shifting each 10 bits of V with the same part of matrix.
Afluo Raoual
Afluo Raoual on 15 Mar 2021
It's about decoding this vector using this matrix

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Accepted Answer

Jan on 15 Mar 2021
I'm not sure what you want to achieve. Maybe you can post the wanted output created by hand?
A bold guess:
V = randi([0,1], 50);
for k = 1:10:50 - 19
aV = V(k:k+19);
... Do what you want here

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