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Add header to array

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Iugo on 18 Mar 2021
Commented: Iugo on 18 Mar 2021
Hello everyone!
How can I add a header to a certain array? I was able to do it for a table but I really want to do it in an array because I will use that in python and python does not read tables from matlab...
Thanks in advance!

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the cyclist
the cyclist on 18 Mar 2021
Disclaimer: I have not tried to do this myself.
I suggest taking a look at this documentation about mapping MATLAB data types to Python.
As you may or may not know, numeric MATLAB arrays do not store text data, so you cannot have a header on them. Cell arrays will store a mixture of text and numeric, but it seems from that documentation that only one-dimensional cell vectors can be mapped directly.
So, you may need to pass the numeric data and the header data separately.
But, as I said, I am not experienced at this, so there may be a good way that I do not know about.
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Iugo on 18 Mar 2021
Thanks for your help @the cyclist!! I will see that documentation and take into account your advice!

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