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for loop doesn't repeat the operation (Matlab)

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Dear members
I have a program in which I don't have errors when running it, but it doesn't repeat the operation n=n+1 when the result of for loop is not 0.
I don't know where is the problem with for loop.

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 23 Mar 2021
Notice that the first n in the line "n = n+1;" is underlined? If you hover over that variable, you will see a Code Analyzer message that I believe will recommend not changing the value of the loop variable inside the loop. Any changes you make will persist only to the end of that iteration of the loop; when the next iteration starts the loop variable will take on the next value from the vector over which you're iterating.
for k = 1:5
fprintf("First, k is %d.\n", k)
k = k + 10;
fprintf("Next, k is %d.\n", k)
First, k is 1.
Next, k is 11.
First, k is 2.
Next, k is 12.
First, k is 3.
Next, k is 13.
First, k is 4.
Next, k is 14.
First, k is 5.
Next, k is 15.
If you just mean to skip to the next value of n (from 1:iteration) then just eliminate that line.
If you mean to skip (from 1 to 3 at the next iteration, not running the body of the loop for n = 2) then you're going to need to switch to a while loop.
If you want to stop the loop entirely when or if L becomes 0, use break.
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Afluo Raoual
Afluo Raoual on 23 Mar 2021
both if and n are underlined and I don't know how to solve this problem

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