How to add the "Plottools" icon to plot control ribbon.

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Whenever I create a plot, it used to have on top left corner a ribbon with icons, one of which is "plottools" when I click it the figure fills the screen and it will have all the plotting tools that one can use to manupulate the plots. But lately ( may be the last few versions of matlab), I am not getting this option. I am not sure how to get this icon on ribbon again. without this option the figure fills just part of the screen and I do not get several options that I used to get before. Any help is appreciated.
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Pappu Murthy
Pappu Murthy on 29 Mar 2021
The Icon I am looking for is apparently gone from 2018a onwards so I was told. So the question is now irrelevant. But the answer given is a workaround anyway. Thanks.

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang on 26 Mar 2021
On the figure, click menu "View", check "Figure toolbar" or "Plot Edit Toolbar" or others.
Pappu Murthy
Pappu Murthy on 26 Mar 2021
I understand the "Plottools" command line option but I am looking actually for the icon on ribbon which suddenly disappeared. May be like you siad they just removed that option from 2019b which is what I am running now. But trying to update to 2021a now may be they reinstated in it. I miss that icon.

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