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Find string inside a cell array

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Iugo on 28 Mar 2021
Commented: Iugo on 28 Mar 2021
Hi everyone!
I have a variable called filenames (cell array), which will store a random number of files, and PasteInfo2 (cell array), which stores all the files. I want to store the name of the file that matches between in thisfile and PasteInfo2 into the variable name. I already have this portion of code but still can't store the name of that file...
How can I do that?
PasteInfo2 = dir('D:\ABIDEdataset\Outputs\dparsf\nofilt_noglobal\rois_aal\All_Groups');
PasteInfo2_names = extractfield(PasteInfo2,'name');
NumberSubjs = length(filenames):
for i=1:NumberSubjs
thisfile = filenames{i};
if contains(thisfile,PasteInfo2_names)
name = %name of file that is suppposed to be in thisfile;
Thanks in advance!

Accepted Answer

Stephen23 on 28 Mar 2021
Skip the loop and use ismember:
S = dir('D:\ABIDEdataset\Outputs\dparsf\nofilt_noglobal\rois_aal\All_Groups');
C = extractfield(S,'name');
X = ismember(filenames,C);
out = filenames(X)
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 28 Mar 2021
Try this:
[ia1, ib1] = ismember(filenames,C);
[ia2, ib2] = ismember(C, filenames);
Take whichever variable (ia1, ib1, ia2, ib2) gives you what you want.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 28 Mar 2021
Do you want to get the filenames something like this:
folder = 'D:\ABIDEdataset\Outputs\dparsf\nofilt_noglobal\rois_aal\All_Groups';
filePattern = fullfile(folder, '*.*');
% Get a list of all files in the folder.
PasteInfo2 = dir(filePattern)
% Extract just the filenames into its own cell array.
PasteInfo2_names = {}
numberOfSubjects = length(PasteInfo2)
% Loop over all files.
for k = 1 : numberOfSubjects
thisFullFileName = fullfile(folder, PasteInfo2_names{k});
fprintf('Reading %s...\n', thisFullFileName);
% if contains(thisfile,PasteInfo2_names)
% name = %name of file that is suppposed to be in thisfile;
% end
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Iugo on 28 Mar 2021
Edited: Iugo on 28 Mar 2021
@Image Analyst thanks for your reply!
I think that what you wrote its not comparing if any file of PasteInfo2 (which stores all the names of the files) matches with the file in position i of filenames (which have a random portion of files from all the files that are also present in PasteInfo2)... or is something missing me?

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