Matlab STDOUT Changed in post-2017 revs; causing issues

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I have an app designed to operate either command line wiith STDOUT/STDERR messages, or called via command line parameters from another app in which case it runs with no figures/command window, etc.. Worked fine in 2016b, but 2020b changed the functionality so I either lose my STDOUT, or I get CMD windows when not desired.
When built in 2020b and running from PowerShell I lost STDOUT messages. Found this solution to the issue (worked fine):
“Note that in R2017b (and possibly beyond) on Windows 10, no output is printed on the Windows command prompt even if you launch the executable from command prompt, unless you uncheck "Do not display the Windows command shell (console) for execution" under "Additional runtime settings" in the Application Compiler tool of MATLAB Compiler.”
So now my PowerShell works correctly, but when double-clicking the exe in Windows I get a CMD window pop-up displaying the STDOUT messages. In 2016b this did not occur; it did have a splash screen but deleting the image file suppressed that.
What I am trying to do is reproduce the application response as per 2016b; STDOUT when I open a command/PowerShell window, otherwise silent (no GUI/windows). In the long run this app gets integrated via a command + varargin and cannot have windows/GUI components showing.
Ideas...??? I'm guessing there are build switches for this? (I'm using deploytool)

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