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Error using reshape (Size arguments must be real integers)

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I have this Matlab program:
for i = 2:length(Encode)/(2*(ms-1)) - 1
tmp = reshape(V_final (:, i ), 2 , length(V_final (:, i))/2);
uHat = [uHat tmp (1, :)]
[n ber (snr)] = biterr(uHat(1:M) , U) ;
How can I solve the problem please
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Rik on 18 Jun 2021
I recovered the removed content from the Google cache (something which anyone can do). Editing away your question is very rude. Someone spent time reading your question, understanding your issue, figuring out the solution, and writing an answer. Now you repay that kindness by ensuring that the next person with a similar question can't benefit from this answer.

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Accepted Answer

Jan on 31 Mar 2021
Edited: Jan on 31 Mar 2021
This is not meaningful:
Do you mean this:
This is a [1 x 30] vector. Then V_final(:, i) is a scalar and length(V_final(:, i))/2 equals 0.5 and of course this is no valid size. Most likely you want something else.
You do not explain neither in the text nor in comments, what you want to achieve. All the readers can see is a failing code. This is not enough information to suggest an improvement. What do you want uHat to be?

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