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Error code 1000@167 in MPSREAD function

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I tried converting a "*.mps" file into a "*.mat" one with the MPSREAD function, but I get the following error message:
>> Error using readMPSfile
An unknown error occurred with code 1000@167 in MPSREAD function.
>> Error in mpsread (line 37),problem.ub,VariableNames,ConstraintNames] = readMPSfile(mpsfile,returnNames);
Does anyone know what this could be about? I'be used the function plenty of times and this is the first time I see an error like that. Do you know where I can find a list of theMPSREAD error codes and their correpsonding meaning?
Lucrezia Manieri
Lucrezia Manieri on 1 Apr 2021
That's too bad! I was just hoping they provided the list of the errors somehow... thanks anyways!

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