How to make unfilled plot points?

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How do I get my plot points to be unfilled instad of filled?
I just about have this the way I want it
right now my data points are just filled points, I'm trying to get them to be unfilled circles with line size 6.
If somebody could let me know how to swap to the unfilled points that would be awesome.
Also, is there a way to make my plot points more concise?
clear variables
hold on
plot(t(1),r(1),'ro', 'linewidth', 6,'markerfacecolor','w')
plot(t(5),r(5),'ro', 'linewidth', 6,'markerfacecolor','w')
plot(t(9),r(9),'ro', 'linewidth', 6,'markerfacecolor','w')
plot(t(13),r(13),'ro', 'linewidth', 6,'markerfacecolor','w')
plot(t(17),r(17),'ro', 'linewidth', 6,'markerfacecolor','w')
plot(t(21),r(21),'ro', 'linewidth', 6,'markerfacecolor','w')
plot(t(25),r(25),'ro', 'linewidth', 6,'markerfacecolor','w')
plot(t(29),r(29),'ro', 'linewidth', 6,'markerfacecolor','w')
plot(t(33),r(33),'ro', 'linewidth', 6,'markerfacecolor','w')
plot(t(37),r(37),'ro', 'linewidth', 6,'markerfacecolor','w')
title('Standard vs. Measured Temperature')
xlabel('Time [ sec ]')
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Brendan Clark
Brendan Clark on 5 Apr 2021
PS. I forgot to delete the markerfacecolor command from the script on each plot point, that was an attempt to turn the middle white.

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Accepted Answer

David Fletcher
David Fletcher on 5 Apr 2021
Edited: David Fletcher on 5 Apr 2021
Think you'll find it's due to the linewidth - change it to 1 and they shouldn't be filled. MarkerSize changes the size of the points.
Brendan Clark
Brendan Clark on 6 Apr 2021
Oh dang, that was a silly mistake, thank you for helping out with that.

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