Load variables from subfolders

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Joel Schelander
Joel Schelander on 8 Apr 2021
Edited: Jan on 8 Apr 2021
I have two variables called ARG_1 and ARG_2
The script I use is in the folder MATLAB. The variables are within subfolders: MATLAB/Ruralv/Appr.
I use this to load the variables, but since they are in subfolders it won't work.
for x= 1:2
load (['ARG_x' num2str(x) '.mat'])
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Jan on 8 Apr 2021
Please post the error message instead of the general statement "it won't work".

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Accepted Answer

Jan on 8 Apr 2021
Edited: Jan on 8 Apr 2021
I guess, that the loading does not work due to the subfolders?
Where is the folder "MATLAB"? Inside your user folder and you are working on Linux or MacOS? Then:
for x = 1:2
load(fullfile('~/MATLAB/Ruralv/Appr', sprintf('ARG_%d.mat', x));

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