Editplot does not disable

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Alex Mason
Alex Mason on 12 Apr 2021
Curious problem.
I am making figures that have a "continue" button on and basically the code waits for you to hit continue before carrying on. This is so that the figure is plotted and the user has time to look at it and ensuring things are going OK.
The code I am using to do this is:
hold on
disp('check this out, hit continue...')
disp('accepted. Continuing...')
Note. I am also using:
at the top because I want all the figures in the same window and with the plot tools available like zooming and panning.
Now when running or stepping through this, I noticed that you'd get to the uiwait bit and you couldn't hit "continue" because plotedit was enabled and this meant all the UI stuff on the figure was clickable only for modifying positions and things. So I included:
plotedit off
after the legend was done.
Now. When stepping through, everything works nicely. But if I actually run the code, I get stuck again with plotedit coming on and for every figure I have to manually go and turn plotedit off in order to continue.
What am I doing wrong?

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