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webread won't read everything

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Johnny Yoon
Johnny Yoon on 16 Apr 2021
Answered: Amrtanshu Raj on 19 Apr 2021
Hi all,
I am trying to read numbers from the following website with webread. However, it won't read any numbers. It reads numbers from other websites, but not with this website. Do you have any idea how to read numbers from this website?
url = '';
data = webread(url);

Accepted Answer

Amrtanshu Raj
Amrtanshu Raj on 19 Apr 2021
The data on this webpage is dynamically generated using javascript and not static data as mentioned in the examples. Thus simple web scrapping using webread won't be able to solve this. You need to find out the if they have a API that is doing this.
Hope this helps !

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