How can I plot coordinates up on a map?

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kleinerwels94 on 16 Apr 2021
Answered: Clayton Gotberg on 16 Apr 2021
I have to visualize coordinates up onto a existing map. I have a .txt ´- file [PNR, X, Y, H] and the map in .jpg format.
So i need help for an easy way to do this plot.
Thank you!

Answers (1)

Clayton Gotberg
Clayton Gotberg on 16 Apr 2021
You can use the hold command to plot two things to the same figure.
hold on
You will likely need to modify either the image or the points of interest so that they can be overlaid (e.g. converting latitude and longitude to pixels in each direction).
If you want to label the points in the text file, you can use the text command or the fantastic labelpoints package in the File Exchange.

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