using greater than or less than in 'switch' and 'case' expressions

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I don't quite understand how to use the switch and case expressions to calculate when a variable is less than or greater than a particular value. Something like this:
x = 7
switch x
case > 5
disp ('x is greater than 5')
case < 5
disp ('x is less than 5')
disp ('error')

Accepted Answer

Andrei Bobrov
Andrei Bobrov on 27 Jun 2013
use if...elseif..else..end
if x > 5
disp ('x is greater than 5')
elseif x < 5
disp ('x is less than 5')
disp ('error')

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Tom on 27 Jun 2013
inequalities are best used with IF statements rather than switch; switch is useful for handling a variety of known values.
If you wanted to write it using a switch statement, it might be like this:
switch n
case num2cell(1:4)
disp('n is less than 5')
case num2cell(6:10)
disp('n is greater than 5')
But clearly this only works for values of n between 1 and 10.

Lana Aljilani
Lana Aljilani on 14 Apr 2020
i want grade of student by switch order ( by input the mark )


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