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Loading multiple files into matlab

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I have 36 different .mat files in a folder: AAG1,AAG2,AAG3...AAG36. Each file only contain one variable called 'GUD'
I want to load all the files and naming the variables so I can distinguish between them, like naming them AAG1,AAG2 in the script. I have tried the following:
But I do not know how I can seperate the variables from each other
filenames = {'AAG','AAG2','AAG3'};
for kk = 1:numel(filenames)
S = load(filenames{kk})

Accepted Answer

Shadaab Siddiqie
Shadaab Siddiqie on 27 Apr 2021
From my understanding you want to load data form all the mat files into the workspace and assign it into different variables. In your case since all the 'GUD' are structs, we can create a list of cells and add each value into the list after converting them into cell. Here is the code which might help you.
filenames = {'AAG1','AAG2','AAG3'};
AAG = {};
for kk = 1:numel(filenames)
AAG(kk) = struct2cell(load(filenames{kk}))
Then for example you can access the values of data in 'AAG19.mat' like AAG(19) .

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