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SimEvents - Block Exit based on external status

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New to SimEvents. Trying to create a model that entities only exist a server when a combination of external events are ready. Example below:
  1. Assume there are 5 server stations A - E.
  2. Each station serves only one entity.
  3. Transfer between stations is via shuttle S.
  4. Time at any station is random.
  5. The order an item progresses is also random (may go from A-D-B-D-C... can reuse a station multiple times before completing).
  6. There is no queuing - If the shuttle is busy or destination is busy the item must remain where it is until the destination is available and shuttle available to get you there.
There appear to be methods to block the entity output. So far it is unclear how to tie this back to the destination and shuttle availability?
Related to this - If two services are blocked waiting on the shuttle which comes available, will it properly unblock one, process it, then unblock the other? For example if A is going to C and B also to C; both waiting on the shuttle, only one should be unblocked and moved - the other will be blocked first waiting on the shuttle, then because C is occupied (even though briefly both A & B blocking conditions cleared when the shuttle first came available).

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